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Oliva Bella olive oils come to you fresh, loaded with flavor and alive with hints of their native regions, soils and climates. Sourced directly from Italian families that Oliva Bella owner Lea Ann Vessels personally knows, each of the extra virgin olive oils carries the prestigious DOP certification. The mark indicates that the olive oils have gone through a meticulous quality process certifying the provenance and origin of the oil and only 20% of producers can boast the certification.

Oliva Bella olive oils are also made from single pressings of annual harvests from individual groves in Italy. Harvesting the olives by hand helps to ensure that the fruit is not bruised, which reduces the risk of oxidation. It also helps maintain a higher level of antioxidants and other healthful properties that are naturally found in olive oil.
Olio Rustico (375 ml)
Price: $30.00
Olio Rustico (375 ml)
This rich and full-bodied extra virgin olive oil offers an intensely fruity odor with a hint of herbs. Created in Sicily near the Southwestern city of Ragusa, Olio Rustico is unfiltered and vibrant green in color. DOP-certified. Acidity: 0.13%
Olio Delicato (375 ml)
Olio Delicato (375 ml)
Olio Delicato offers a delicate herbal perfume and fruity taste with a touch of spice. Traditional and artisanal methods were used to harvest and press this extra virgin olive oil from the sun-drenched region of Puglia. DOP-certified. Acidity: 0.20%
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